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The establishment of Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati (IITT) was announced in 2014 by the Government of India along with five other new IITs at Palakkad, Jammu, Bhilai, Goa, and Dharwad (announced in 2015). IIT Tirupati launched its academic programme with the support of its mentor Institute, IIT Madras, on August 5, 2015 from a temporary campus situ-ated on Tirupati-Renigunta Road, Tirupati. In the fourth year of its operations, IIT Tirupati has started partly functioning from its 530 acres Permanent Campus located in Merlapaka Vil-lage on Yerpedu-Venkatagiri Highway. The construction of the permanent campus is under-way and the first phase of the construction is expected to be complete by 2020 that will cater to 1250 students and 120 faculty members. The complete campus to cater to 2,500 students, 250 faculty members and 275 staff members is planned to be built by 2024.

Currently, the Institute offers admissions to B. Tech programme against 203 seats in the branches of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, and M. Tech in Civil Engineering, Com-puter Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. With the completion of the third round of faculty recruitment, the faculty strength of the Institute will reach around 90. Along with young and dynamic faculty, who have joined after completing their doctoral programs and postdoctoral training from top Universities/Institutes across the world, IIT Tirupati has several senior faculty from other established IITs. Being young and energetic, the faculty members have established their latest world-class research programs at IIT Tirupati. This has given the students an opportunity to get involved in these research initi-atives. The Institute has signed MoUs with various academic laboratories and institutions of international repute in India and abroad for the collaborative research and exchange of facul-ty and students. The students are fully availing these research opportunities outside IIT Tirupati. As part of their curriculum, the graduating batch students completed their summer internship between May and July 2019 in top class companies, academic and research institu-tions. The students actively participated in summer internship drive that ensured them 100% internship opportunity. This internship experience has provided them with an opportunity to connect the classroom knowledge with its real-world applications.

The Institute provides an environment that fosters curiosity and creativity within and beyond the classroom. With strong emphasis on theory and fundamentals, the students have partici-pated in various technical events around the country like Smart India Hackathon and Inter IIT Tech meet. Along with academics, we encourage our students to participate in extracur-ricular activities as well. The students actively participate in numerous clubs such as astrono-my, music, social outreach, etc. Students have taken up excellent initiatives to set up the sports and cultural events on the campus that have helped the students to hone collective re-sponsibility skills and leadership qualities.

I cordially invite you to IIT Tirupati for the on-campus placement process.

Best Wishes,
Prof. K. N. Satyanarayana
Director, IIT Tirupati.

Why recruit at IIT Tirupati?

  • Established in 2015 as a third generation IIT, the Institute is invested specifically in promoting an excellent atmosphere to think, create, study and do research. At IIT Tirupati, teaching and research go hand in hand reinforcing each other.
  • IIT Tirupati aims to focus on the holistic development of the students by designing a curriculum which emphasizes knowledge, personality development and life-skills.
  • The 2020 graduating batch of 113 students has officially registered 100% summer internships with students being offered diverse roles across various domains.
  • Furthermore, students have also been awarded various fellowship programs such as Texas A&M research internship and Rowan University Internship.
  • Last year, out of 91 students registered for placement 70 are placed in reputed companies with an average package of 9.18 LPA.
  • IIT Tirupati has signed MoUs with a number of public and private organizations, which include CSIR labs, CMTI-Bangalore, SBI, CPWD, Nagaoka University of Technology, Texas A&M Engineering Equipment station, Toshiba Software India, Analog Devices India (ADI) Private Limited, etc., to ensure that the students get an opportunity to work in the leading labs and industries in the nation and the world.