Student Activities

Student Activities play an integral part in developing well rounded personalities and IIT Tirupati’s curriculum is designed so as to promote as much student involvement in diverse spheres as possible.

  • The Student Council is the body that primarily promotes and conducts co- and extra curricular activities that cater to student interests and requirements. Students show an active interest to run for the managerial posts and contest elections on an annual basis.
  • Students at the Institute actively partake in and conduct events centering on social causes. Orphanage visits, blood donation camps and school workshops constitute NSS activities. Such undertakings not only sensitize students towards problems but also encourage them to find viable technical solutions.
  • Various student driven clubs have been set up, which operate solely by and for student initiatives and interests. Acting, art and crafts, trekking and sports, Chess, photography and filmography, music, literature, and dance clubs coordinate their events through the year.
  • Tirutsava- Annual Techno-Cultural Festival of IIT Tirupati- has successfully completed 2 editions of celebrating a confluence of technical knowledge and cultural spirit. The festival in both 2017 and 2018 saw large scale participation, and offered students from various colleges a platform to contest.
  • IIT Tirupati is associated with SPIC MACAY, which is a national voluntary movement that organizes programmes in schools and institutions to make students aware about Indian cultural heritage.
  • Students of the institute have avidly participated in various technical, cultural and sports festivals conducted by various institutions across the nation. The Institute has especially shown an active participation in the Inter IIT Sports, Tech and Cultural Meets and have had engaging exchanges and competition with contemporaries from different IITs.  Our activities